Pons HP 40
Good first contact for Torres at Le Mans
The Pons Racing 40 rider finished eighth with a good feeling for the rest of the weekend.

The last round of the MotoE World Cup started today at the French track at Le Mans and Pons Racing 40 and Jordi Torres aspire to take the title in this double round.

The first day has been positive for Torres. Under changing conditions the most important thing was to get the feeling of the bike and understand its behavior on this track. In the afternoon and in the dry, Torres set the eighth best time with a time of 1: 44.785, six tenths behind the fastest, and that allows him to start tomorrow for all in the launched lap of the E-Pole.

Jordi Torres, 1: 44.785 (+0.644)
“Changing situations today, half dry, half wet, and that complicates things a bit more for us. It has been a day of taking references, getting sensations, and in the afternoon we have already been able to run 100% dry. Now it is my job to adjust the references in each corner and tomorrow to give it my all on the E-Pole. Let's go for it! "

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